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Zee ETC Bollywood Business Award for Best Digital Agency (2011 and 2012)

Winning an award means your work is acknowledged, appreciated, loved and applauded. In view of this, when Digit 9.0 bagged the award of 'Best Digital Agency' in the prestigious Zee-ETC Bollywood Business Awards, it was a matter of extreme joy and pride for us. Every single day invested in ideating and executing every little thing that contributes towards a successful project seemed to be rewarded.

At Digit 9.0, we have always treated every project differently and used unique approaches for each one of them. Personalization has been our key. Whether it's a website or a Social Media Marketing plan, each of them would be customized to complement the theme of the project. Churning out quirky ideas was merely the first phase, executing it successfully was the second. We saw our vision gaining impetus through the execution phase. We took every project as a stepping stone as we climbed the ladder of success. 'Working relentlessly to ensure that the output is loved by one and all' was the mantra that everyone followed passionately, inherently. In fact, this is the mantra we still follow and will always follow as we believe this is the core of Digit 9.0.

Clients continue to be associated with us purely because we give them outputs that they love. Irrespective of what time of the day it is, we extend our service to them whenever they need us. All this has helped us in retaining the clients as well as earning their referrals.

In the year 2011, we successfully managed the social media campaign for varied films like Delhi Belly, Force, Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara, The Dirty Picture and several others. In fact, it was not just Bollywood; we also took care of regional films like Teecha Baap Tyacha Baap and Engaeyum Eppothum amongst others, and also Hollywood films like Rio, The Adventures of Tintin, Alvin and the Chipmunks and several more.

Come 2012, we enhanced our pedigree for digital movie marketing making relatively smaller budget Bollywood movies like Kahaani and Kya Superkool Hain Hum a household name on every computer. Continuing to not overlook the regional space, No Entry - Pudhe Dhoka Aahe continued to the leap Marathi cinema made in the digital space. Our Hollywood portfolio also saw a greater mandate executed to perfection with worldwide blockbusters Ice Age IV, Life of Pi, and Skyfall.

With the advent of the New Year, Digit 9.0 confidently promises that 2013 will see bigger and better innovations coming from us.





About us

When we talk to you about us, we'd first want to share with you how we came up with the name Digit9.0. The space that we are a resident of is digital; '9' is the highest value a single unit can go up to and we add to it the '0' - India's contribution to the world of numbers. What does it say about our company, we hear you ask. Well, it simply says that in the digital space, we are the greatest and our contribution to your brand/product is as essential as the value '0' adds to the numeric system.

From international movie-projects to your favourite chocolate, we have made people happier about the things that already make them happy. We entertain them for months before a movie entertains them for a few hours. We bring out the desire in them to give in to their temptations, and only because we talk the language that they understand. To create a good social campaign, you first need to be social enough. We at Digit9.0 are the Digital Socialites from whom you want the world to hear about your brand or product.

Having worked with almost every production house in India as well as giant retailers, real estate, travel, FMCG companies (and an ever-growing expanse of sectors), we're always looking forward to new projects. Not only does a new genre, a new product and a new brand get the best of our services, we continue to add substantial value to our existing customers. If what you want to sell is something new, we have our expertise and innovative ideas- and if we have already helped you sell what you want to- you only add experience to the expertise and more innovative ideas!

So when it comes to online marketing, spread the word of mouse through us. Because no one else does it better!

Website Design & Development

The first impression that is formed about who you are and what you're offering is given out through your website. Having a web address for your product, brand or movie in this day and age is more important than having a postal address for your office.

At Digit9.0, we understand that each brand/product has a separate set of inputs, caters to a different set of users and appeals to a niche audience. With so much of differentiation, we make sure that we have different designs and solutions that suit your requirements, irrespective of what your product is, for you to choose from. We make sure you serve soup in a bowl and cake on a plate!

Social Media Optimization

What matters in today's marketing is not what you say about your brand/product, but what your users say. The most effective and inexpensive medium to tap these users is social marketing. Online social networking provides a platform to integrate the marketing goals through active participation from the users. So when you give out your promotion, you're already getting to know who's listening, and what they think of you. The quicker the response to our strategies, the better we can shape the next stage of marketing your brand/product.


With YouTube already delivering over a 100 million videos (and increasing!) a day, it's no surprise that more and more websites are deploying videos to sell products and services online. To give you an idea of YouTube's market penetration, here are some astounding statistics:

In the simplest way possible - video is here and people love it. We doubt you need more reason to consider online video marketing an important tool in your marketing arsenal.

Viral video marketing is one of the best and the most cost-effective form of marketing. Team Digit9.0 helps you say it best through videos in collaboration with Subtle Scream Studios. Right from ideation, scripting, (sometimes even acting) to the final editing, uploading and spreading it across all digital platforms- we're tuned in to every step of the viral process. And please keep in mind, it's not a big deal that we're doing it- it's the expertise, magnitude and finesse that we do the job with that sets Digit9.0 apart!


No one word has contained such a vast population like this has.

Almost every market that you're looking out for can be penetrated on this one platform- but it's how we put it out for them, that gets the attention of exactly who you want looking at your promotion, that'll please you. A team that's dedicated to the job makes the best of every tab that Facebook has to offer. Designers, content updaters, ideators, populators- and watch your fan following break the ceiling.


There's always a little more information that'll get the audience of one more potential buyer. It could be something that doesn't gel with your theme of communication or maybe something you forgot in your marketing brief. But that's what we're here for. Twitter and Digit9.0 make for another profit-reaping combination, as the curt way of putting your message out gives you a smarter edge.

And we can't help add, "Ain't that tweet?"!

Broadband Sites

To sell, you need to be seen. And with millions of sites and domains being generated every day, and an exponential number of brands that are breaking ground on competition, it takes some really complicated math to figure how many search engines will put your website on priority.

Which is where we step in. Affiliations with over 40 of the most used search engines helps our clients gain that edge of being in the immediate search results at once. So there you have it- your brand/product/service perched at the top of websites, making key-words out of your content exclusively and absolutely no way that your potential buyer could miss you.

You call it Search Engine Optimisation, we prefer calling it thorough, sincere marketing.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a double-edged sword that requires special skills to wield it. It is also the last tool in the marketing arsenal that pushes your content to the users at the final stage and helps you reap the benefits of maximum visibility to your product/service. In the process, we make sure that you not only get ROI in terms of the financial investment that you make, but we also give you ROI – Return on Ideas, that we invest in! We're here to make sure that you miss nothing in your online campaign.

Content Creation

Add colour, motion, and glamour to your video, and you've pretty much already sold your product to your audience. Even better, get the celebrity to talk about the brand or product, and rest assured that word's spreading fast enough. Videos, video blogs, photo-blogs, event coverage, album promotions- all are services packaged neatly in our kitty while offering you the services at Digit9.0. Add to that contests and quizzes, and associated applications that get your audience not only hooked to your brand, but also recommending it around- and you have what makes for a cloudburst of publicity. Digit9.0's services include creating content, compiling videos and clicking as good as everything that the brand celebrity is associated with- a function available not only for the glamorous clients, but also for companies with other interests.

Content Syndication

Regardless of today's textual-visual marketing, content is the king. The viewers are hooked to the Internet for all the updates and happenings in the entertainment industry. Given the number of broadband sites in the market, the competition is very tough. One can't afford to lose time for getting the data from various sources and still be on top of the list. Digit9.0 gives a one-stop-solution to all the textual, image and video content on entertainment that a user could possibly want. The content we provide is updated, and covers all aspects of the news. No raw deals here. Be it music, movies, gossip, parties or events, Digit9.0 keeps you abreast with all that happens in tinsel-town with the minutest details accounted for. What's more- the data is chiselled and garnished, ready to be put live in a flash. We make sure you give your audience the content footage which helps you gain a foothold in their hearts and minds.

It's everything you could ask for, and more.


About Us



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