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Digit 9.0 helps you strategize and innovate, audit your presence in the digital universe and create programs for the digital migration for your business and brands. Digit 9.0 will help you create a viable, robust, interactive communication platform and interactive exchanges between you and your consumers. We help you spread your digital footprint promptly and effectively, helping you integrate with the digital economy, ensuring your business creates new customers and places it at a level that is future friendly.

Our Team

We are fully staffed with professionals in the business and we do not rely on freelancers or outsourcing for the heavy lifting. You will get a sense from talking to our staff members that they are skilled, passionate and trustworthy. Led by the superbly experienced, industry recognized talent in the digital world, employing colleagues from various disciplines from data managers, research analysts, bankers, creative types from creative agencies, coders, journalists, bloggers, ship captains, media sellers, extensively trained media buyers, technology visionaries, copy writers, visualizers, art directors , movie editors, music executives, and a host of such professionals with varied backgrounds to deliver the best digital experience MONEY can buy! Young, passionate and deeply knowledgeable about all things digital, their resumes boast about coding abilities and gaming conquest, blogging to twitter fellowship.



ravi jaswani
Ravi Jaswani

Managing Director
+91 9820393009

deepak jaswani
Deepak Jaswani

Business Head

Vishal Gopal



We have clients from various sectors of entertainment, media, FMCG, lifestyle, electronics, e-commerce, finance, insurance, food, hospitality, and realty. We provide businesses with state of the art solutions that help them maintain their digital foothold in a competitive space with consistent creative innovation. Digit 9.0 also provides them with in-depth analysis on performance. We help Small and Medium sized Enterprises with digital migration, helping them establish a digital footprint & make them future ready.


Market Place Partnerships

In a unique business model fostered by Digit 9.0, it makes its presence felt in various markets with key partnerships in areas where there are large clusters of clients. These markets are nurtured and engaged by key partners who have a clear understanding of digital and marketing, are entrepreneurial and have the sensitivity to hand hold clients’ requirements in this fast changing digital landscape.

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502, Dhantak Plaza, Makwana Rd, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059