“My Vicky Donor” was a one-of-its-kind app meant exclusively for girls. As the title suggests, the idea was to find out who would be the ideal sperm donor (aka Vicky Donor) for the girl to acquire her dream baby. The execution of this app was as interesting as the concept itself. Based on a set of pre-determined questions and the options chosen, the app would randomly pick up a male friend and declare that he is the ideal donor. The questions spoke about various interesting characteristics ranging from the intelligence of the child to its good looks, from its nature to its talent, etc. The available options reflected the thought process of several people in today’s world. These options were extremely amusing, and hence hooking. Once the user finished answering all the questions, she was asked to first publish the app, only then will the donor’s name will be revealed to them. Thus, not only did the app keep the user engaged with fun time-pass, but also spread the Vicky Donor fever!

Client: Eros International