No matter which age group or what gender one belongs to, if they see a bikini clad beautiful girl strutting around, the eyes will automatically pause there. And if it’s an array of beautiful young girls sashaying down the ramp in skimpy clothes, then there’s no reason why a person would even blink his/her eye! Moving forward with this strong belief, we created a game which was, without a speck of doubt, very interesting! A video showcasing the ‘beautiful angels’ having a blast as they sashay down the ramp was followed by a game which needed the user to arrange the given screenshots from the video in the right order! The catch here is that remembering the right order of the appeared girls is a mundane task considering the fact that ‘remembering’ is a distraction while ‘enjoying’ the sizzling video!!! Hence, the user would be compelled to go back and watch the video again to complete the level successfully. Once the first level was completed, the user was treated to a second session of ramp-sashay by the ‘angels’ and the process continued! Once the user completed the second level as well, it was time for a double treat for them as they could relish both the videos playing together at a stretch. At the end of this glorious show, came the main purpose: the branding – the show timings with the Date, Day and Time with, of course, the channel mentioned. With the number of eyeballs this game grabbed, we knew “Victoria’s Secret Angels” were no longer a secret!!!

Client: Zee Café