Well, who wouldn't like chasing a lady as gorgeous as Jennifer Aniston? Add to that, you are being paid for it, Viola! Gerard Butler, a bounty hunter learns that his next target is his ex-wife in the movie - The Bounty Hunter, PIX Television's Super Movie of the month. To promote the movie, we designed a game, 'The Bounty Hunter Chase.' In the game, the user assumes the role of Jennifer Aniston and is required to escape from Gerard Butler. The player has to maintain a lead by not hitting against obstacles like mud puddles, cars, bins, etc using the arrow keys of the keyboard. The game starts and ends with a video from the movie. There are 5 levels to be cleared by the player in order to escape the clutches of the bounty hunter. This chase brought every guys dream to reality, and made sure the movie had a bounty of viewers too!

Client: Pix Television