When the Indian team plays together for International Cricket, we know that there’s only one team we’ll support – our home team. However, in the case of IPL, when the same team is split, our favourite cricketing stars are distributed too. So, should we support our favourite cricketer or instead support our home-state, or maybe we should support the state in which we have settled down – this is a dilemma that engulfs and divides the whole nation and sometimes, households, too. Playing around this confusion, we used Facebook to see which team, or should we say which cricketer, has the most supporters. Based on the teams playing each day, we would put up an image of a cricketer from each team. The icing on the cake were the quirky slogans that came with the cricketer’s photo. The picture which garners the maximum likes from the fans will be put up as the cover photo for the MAX page. This created a competition between the fans so that their favourite team/cricketer wins the competition. And just like it happens once the IPL match starts, the fans would do their level-best to see their favourite team up as the winner. Thus, Digit 9.0 served another successful quirky technique to keep the client as well as the user excited and happy!

Client: Set Max