The tale of 3 friends, Delhi Belly was the meanest and boldest comedy of Bollywood. Some movies need to be sold, and some sell themselves. Delhi Belly was a movie that was marketed so perfectly that people not only bought the movie, but also sold it to others with shit loads of enthusiasm. This movie needed no Facebook applications, games or anything fancy. All it needed was to humor the fans in a way the movie was positioned. The videos that were shot for Youtube and Facebook invite and contests with the boys Imran Khan, Virdas and Kunal Kapoor were as hilarious as the script of the movie with banter and playfulness in the conversations. The fans were awarded with free tickets, song DVDs-that are a rage and top chartbusters and a chance to meet Imran Khan. The contests were like never before which took the fans by surprise and gave them a break from the regular and mundane formats. A mystery box, spot the missing item, make a parody, break up contest and many more contests witnessed humongous participation from the fans and kept them looking out for more. The entire fan base was built without any kind of paid activity. The polls, discussion topics, images and the communication on the page just hit the right shit and the movie became one of the biggest successes of 2011. Shit just doesn't become a Hit!

Client: UTV Motion Pictures