Think of Paris Hilton and what comes to your mind? Heiress of a multibillion dollar business, fashionista, beautiful, and lot more of these sorts, right? Hence, these points were actively used in our Discussion Topics to encourage user interaction. In addition to this, we also furnished the users with some exclusive trivia about the diva. This included fascinating information such as her likes and dislikes, her lifestyle, the fashion she follows, her efforts to transcend the image of a diva to a smart entrepreneur, etc. Also, since her visit to India was mainly for the purpose of launching her brand of bags in the country, we created a lot of DTs, activities and contests that spoke and highlighted it. Also, if the gratification included meeting the diva herself, we knew her fans would go berserk with excitement and try their best to win the contest; and this is exactly what ensued! Also, considering the curiosity of Fans regarding her agenda in India, we updated the Page about her daily schedule while she is in the country. Each of these activities ensured that the Fans felt closer to the diva thanks to us!

Client: Cream Events