In the initial stages, UTV Motion Pictures page was used for replicating the UTV movies content that was being uploaded on the respective movie fan pages on Facebook. Later, the page got started using as the primary page where the fans could interact about their Bollywood likes, entertainment, UTV movies, as well as some general discussions. The page is regularly updated with tag and win contests, fun one-liners in Bollywood styles, popular dialogues and various other activities. The youtube page of UTV Motion Pictures is also connected to Facebook that directly increases the subscription of the youtube channel, where promos/videos/deleted scenes of various UTV movies are uploaded. We also manage the twitter account of UTV Motion Pictures. To further promote the popularity of the page, we have started publishing latest content of the upcoming UTV movies on the UTV Motion Pictures page before anywhere else. The UTV Motion Pictures has now been seeing a consistent growth in the fans and we hope to take it to even greater heights.

Client: UTV Motion Pictures